DDP Autumn Festa X Milk Modern Market

Things to do

We all want the best for our kids, everyone can agree with that. Parents, or soon to be parents, naturally understand that it is important to raise these little humans with creative prospects. After all, they are going to be leading the world one day. Thus, Milk Korea (a magazine that is “Focused On Kids, For Modern Parents”) has organized the Milk Modern Market (MMM) for families to shop all things children while children experience various activities and get a chance to win fun prizes. DDP will be filled with pop up stores of different brands showcasing children’s fashion, design and lifestyle where you will be able to learn of the latest trends. Stores will include clothing brand FLAKIKI, jewelry brand JoJo + Beau, accessories brand Pink Wonder Wheel and cosmetics brand Half Artist among others. Along with the market will be a stage in the grassy lawn for musicals, environment education, and even a fashion show. JW Marriott’s “What the Truck” will be close by for delicious finger foods to feed those little tummies. As for children, they will be able to live their wildest imaginations through activities such as experiencing the world while learning how to say hello in various languages, playing hide-and-seek finding Playmobil figures and an exhibition that has garnered much attention since April called “Brilliant Kid’s Motor Show” among many other scheduled activities. With DDP being one of the 52 landmarks to visit by the New York Times, this event provides the perfect reason to spend your cool autumn weekend out with your family at the landmark! After all, MMM is meant for those who want the very best for their children!

By: Chuljunsung


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