EBS International Documentary Festival

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EBS International Documentary Festival
still from "Good Things Await"

Though famed for language teaching, EBS isn’t just a go-to for those learning English. Also running one of the best received film festivals in Korea, the EBS International Documentary Festival is now in its 12th year. Self-described as “the only documentary festival in the world with TV broadcasting on cinema screens,” this year’s festival will see 52 films from 32 different countries under the theme of “Connecting With the World.” Starting with a 2014 Danish film about farming and agriculture called Good Things Await, many of this year’s films focus on the concept of well-being. The films are also available for viewing on the web as well as on the EBS TV channel. Do your brain some good and check out the festival. 

Screenings at Seoul Museum of History, Arthouse Momo, EBS Space, Miro Space, Sangmyun Art Center, Sungjeongjeon of Gyeonghuigung Palace.

Event phone: 02-526-2158
Event website: http://www.eidf.co.kr/2015kor
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