Electrodash 5k

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일렉트로닉 대쉬

If Jackson Pollack had discovered neon, decided to throw paint at people instead of canvases and pump out EDM, the Electrodash 5k is what would happen. Races seem to be all the rage in Korea these days and the Electrodash is putting their own spin on it—namely, neon. Racers participating in this 5k will get showered with all kinds of neon love via UV paint, bubbles, powders, gel and more. Bring your cameras and click away at the blacklight arena. Get a little jiggly on the
illuminated inflatables. For the race’s finale, the brightly lit partiers can dance to pumping EDM on the main stage. Nope, it’s not real exercise, but hey, your ticket gets you an official Electrodash t-shirt, a pair of neon glow glasses, an lectrodash tattoo, an LED bracelet “and the best time of your life” (so says their website).

Event phone: 02-546-3274
Event website: http://www.electrodash.co.kr
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