Fusion concert

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Two groups, 2nd Moon and Hee-moon Lee Company, will be presenting fusion music on the 16th. The instruments played by 2nd Moon include an Irish whistle, base, drums and percussion, guitar, violin, accordion, and most importantly the voice that ties it all together, pansori. This group is known for the official sound track of Princess Hours and Ireland. Hee-moon Lee Company will perform adventurous performances that mix the traditional and contemporary in a unique way. Lead by sorrikun (vocal performer and storyteller) Hee-moon Lee, the act will energetically convey two Gyeonggi Minyo stories that will have your shoulders grooving to the beat. Free Chuseok activities will take place outside the venue.


Event phone: 02-2289-5401
Event website: http://www.dfac.or.kr/
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