Haebongchon Festival 2015

Things to do

If your perception of festivals in Korea is calm and composed, you’re not thinking about the HBC Fest. An independent music festival, the neighborhood-inspired shenanigans transpire twice a year—once in May and once in October. Taking over the small bars and restaurants in Gyeongridan and Haebangchon, each venue hosts a line-up of local musicians. Friends come to support their friends, some of who are first-timers and others who are celebs in the scene, while others come to listen to a bit of local music and down some local beer. Most of the music is indie, rock, alternative rock and R&B and a lot of the performers are expats. Beware the crowds, the outdoor smokers, drinkers and the party that’s happening on the streets, as well as in the bars. HBC Fest aficionados will tell you to look up the timetables in advance, go for the bands you like and venue hop. 2015 means the festival’s tenth year and sure, it’ll be a little crazy, but it’s the best for good community-spirit vibes. 

By: Hahna Yoon

Event website: http://www.hbcfest.com
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