Hangang Summer Festival

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Hangang Summer Festival

“Mong-ddang” is the Korean title for the festival and it means that the festival is all encompassing. But all? What is meant by all? You might recognize the individual events and not realize that these programs are all under one umbrella festival that goes on for a month. Over 70 programs under the themes of water sports, performances, eco experiences, cooking contests and camping are being held. This includes kayaking, street fairs, concerts, outdoor films and even the Fire Festival above. Look closer and you might notice one that’s been under the radar. For example, did you know duck boat racing was available at the Arirang House in Ttukseom and Yeouido Paradise Hangang Park for 15,000 won? And that Saturdays and Sundays between August 1 and 9 you can construct your own boat and ride it across the river in a program called the Hangang Box1 Race? The Han’s not just DYI picnics so get active and get involved this summer.

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