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TOURISTS LOVE TO travel, but leaving Seoul to visit smaller towns in other provinces is often still an inconvenient affair. Even if you manage to find the right information and finally get out of the capital, it’s impossible to ignore the language barrier and figure out the right means of transportation for getting to your destination.

Fortunately, there's a solution now. In conjunction with the 2016-2018 Visit Korea Year and the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the Ministry of Tourism set up the K-Travel Bus program. Departing from Seoul, the two-day tour, which offers six different routes, covers some of Korea’s most popular travel destinations.

Details and contents about the sights and activities offered for each route are available on their website. Guides who speak a variety of languages will accompany you to make sure you get an informative tour of every location.

Since the start of July a new 1 night 2 day route has been added, taking travelers to the city of Jecheon and Muju. Activities include experiencing Korean traditional medicine therapy, a trip to Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, riding Deogyusan gondolas, and visiting a wine cave. To those traveling with K-Travel Bus to Daegu during the 2016 Daegu Chimac Festival, benefits include a 30% bus ticket discounts and free unlimited beer and fried chicken. Finally, to relieve the stress of TOPIK (Korean proficiency test) examinees, K-Travel Bus will be offering privileges.

For the month of August, a summer vacation promotion is opening to both foreigners and their friends with Korean citizenship. Benefits include a $30 discount coupon upon joining their homepage, water toys for the southeast region and Gangwon Province tours, $10 in additional discounts for international students (student card required) and prizes for those who write a review. Reserve online, receive your benefits and enjoy the ride. You’ll be surprised to see and learn about parts of Korea you never even considered visiting before! Korea is bigger than just Seoul.

By: Chuljunsung


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