Kidult is The Art

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Kidult is The Art

This exhibition will give a chance to see how Gunam PlaModels, art toys and Lego dioramas have been transformed into one-of-a-kind art pieces. The permanent exhibition will display works created by several artists curated by WESAME, an online art and culture platform focusing on kidult art, improving kidult culture and finally supporting the artists in the kidult industry. Jin Toy, Yan Yan E, Choi Yohan, Kim Minseok and Seo Sangin are some of the famed kidult artists in Korea who will partake in the exhibition. Jin Sukwon is also the art direct for Jin Toy, a studio known for hand making art toys and action figures directed towards serious adult collectors. He has also collaborated with famed illustrators Delos and GoolyGooly as well as street fashion brands 1300BO and Sakun. YanYan, an artist that prefers Lego as her medium, will be displaying her Lego dioramas (3D mise-en-scène made with Lego pieces). Be ready to be impressed by the sheer detail and dynamics of the large-scale diorama. The Kidult is The Art exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor hallway of the Seoul SBA Animation Center. It will closed only on Mondays.

Event phone: 02-3455-8342
Event website: