Longboard Korea Festival

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Longboard Korea Festival

Take a walk to any Hangang park after work or school and you will certainly see a group of young adults gliding their way through the park on their long boards occasionally spinning around to show off some tricks up their sleeves. It’s a pretty trendy culture in Seoul these days and admittedly looks like a lot of fun. Remember its Seoul, so these riders are fashionably well dressed making it even more of a sight to see. To celebrate this chic and popular leisure sport, the Longboard Korea community will be holding the 7th Longboard Korea Festival on October 30th at the Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park located inside the World Cup Park in Sangam-dong. The popular event has had celebrity attendance in previous years. Raffles and games will also be available to riders to win exciting prizes provided from the sponsors of the event. Whether you’re a serious rider or a casual one, young or old, everyone is invited to come and share their passion for the sport.

By: Chuljunsung


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