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What does the liquor made with white dandelions taste like? You can find out at Marche@ being held around Seoul all through this summer. Anyone who has visited Marche@ knows that this is a market where conversations constantly flow—from behind the bonnet bellflower roots, pickled fatsia shoots and brown rice cakes arranged on their stands, farmers, chefs and artisans share stories about where their items were sourced and how they were made.
Every month, Marche@ operates under a new theme. This month, it's "early summer days" showcasing seasonal fruits and lots of rare produces and food items including omija (magnolia berry) liquors, elephant foot yam, fennel and wood ear mushrooms. There are also high-quality goat cheese, artisan Haloumi cheese, rillettes and Italian hams for the dairy and meat fans.
While the market offers bountiful harvests from all around the country, there are a few things that you cannot find here: plastic bags and disposable tableware. As such, you need to bring your own baskets, cups and dishes, or borrow them at the market after making a small deposit. Note that Marche@ operates at different locations in Seoul on different dates: Marronnier Park on June 11th and Seongsu-dong's Understand Avenue on June 24th. Check the market website for more detailed information.

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