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Nanji Camp

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Time Out says

The Nanji Camp site located in Mapo-gu, is a popular destination for camping within Seoul. One of the main reasons is, you don’t have to bring anything. The camp site offers rentals for not just the tents (of which there are many different types and sizes) but also a lot of different amenities. They are all available on display and on a check list at the rental shop located inside the camping compounds. All your BBQ utensils, meats, snacks and drinks are also available at the convenience store. You’d probably think wouldn’t have many reasons to bring electronic devices, but if you do, the tents even provide electric outlets (although only for small devices like phones and laptops). So whether you decide on camping out to escape the summer heat trapped in your apartment, get cozy in a tent during the cold winters with loved ones, or just need some fresh air during spring or fall, Nanji Camp is here to provide.

For April and May, tents can only be reserved through InterPark.

Here is a list of items Nanji Camp offers as rentals. All you have to do is check the items off on a small list, pay your fee and lastly collect all the items on a cart that they provide. The price for each rentable item is for one day (from 11am to 9.30am the following day).

Grills: One pair of gloves included with each grill

Small-size grill (for 2 to 3 persons): 9,000 won

Medium grill (for 4 to 7 persons): 13,000 won

Large grill (for 9 to 12 persons): 21,000 won

Dining: All are portable

Sunshade (3m x 4.5m): 20,000 won

Plastic table (round or square): 4,000 won

Plastic chair: 2,000 won per chair

Other amenities:

Light blanket: 3,000 won

Electric mat (winter seasons): 5,000 won

Sleeping bag (winter seasons): 5,000 won (security deposit of 5,000 won)

Mat (used to cushion tent floor): 2,000 won

Portable gas stove (without gas canisters): 3,000 won

Lantern: 2,000 won (security deposit of 5,000 won)

Icebox (70 liter): 5,000 won

Electric fan: 5,000 won, 20,000 won

Air conditioning: 30,000 won


For zones A, B, F and G, it will cost 5,000 won to use electricity (light bulb will cost another 3,000 won)

For zones C and D, it will cost 8,000 won to use electricity (price included light bulb)

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung


28, Hangangnanji-ro
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