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1600+ panda

Pandas in Seoul

1,600+ pandas out and about in Seoul

Written by
Hahna Yoon

Yes, there are pandas in Seoul. There are hundreds of them actually. There’s a baby panda on the back of its momma panda and there’s a curious panda looking out at you, too. The pandas range in size but most seem to be around an arm’s length because unfortunately (or fortunately?), they aren’t real. It was a project initiated by French artist Paulo Grangeon and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) back in 2008 and now, they’ve been brought to Korea to celebrate the 17% population increase of the furry friend over the past year. The first pandas were brought in front of Seoul City Hall on May 23rd and the pandas will be traveling Korea until the 30th. All 1,800 of them will settle in front of that grass at Lotte World Mall and Seokchon Lake for most of July for your photo taking pleasure. More information will be available at 

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