Pilsner Fest

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Pilsner Urquell—you’ve probably seen its pop-up stores around Seoul over the past few years (we know it's quite tasty, but did you know that Pilsner Urquell's actually the world’s first pilsner type blond lager founded in 1842 in the Czech Republic?). This winter, Pilsner Urquell is bringing its own version of a beer fest, the Pilsner Fest, right here in Seoul for 3 days. Purchase a one day ticket online for 15,000 won (or 20,000 won on-site), and get access to the Eat, Play, Beer event the fest entails. Your ticket will get you one main dish, with a choice between Cube Steak and Salmon Steak, to pair with you beer. If that’s not enough food for you, a snack bar is also at your disposal. Unfortunately, the ticket won’t be getting you unlimited beer; rather you’ll be paying a ‘special’ price of 3,000 won for 500ml or 5,000 won for 946ml. Other events include the 2 "beer talks" (knowledge for beer fanatics and stories of the Czech Republic, the home of Pilsner) and a Table Quiz Show. As for the Experience events, you'll able to engrave a personal message on a beer mug, design your own coaster, the Pilsen Movie Lounge and darts. Make sure you collect all the stamps after each event to receive a Pilsner beer mug at the end of the fest!

By: Chuljunsung


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