Project284: Peach Blossom - Hopeful Flower Of Utopia

Things to do

At the former Seoul Station, you can now experience sound arts,  interactive media arts and different performances as a part of this event. World-famous artists whose work goes beyond genres are putting on  shows, performances and more and it's gotten even more attention because it’s free.

A two-month long exhibition

This exhibition is one that you can see, hear and feel. You can go into a sound box that resembles a casket, read literature out loud and record it to propel you to think about the ideal world.

Five different performances

This event features five performances that have been directed under the theme of “game-like, enjoyable” shows. Make sure to check out Phonation by Bora Yoon, a Korean- American composer and vocalist.
->Jun 17 8pm.

Interactive workshops

Elephants Laugh, a performance art group that constantly challenges itself to find diverse methods to communicate with the audience, is  hosting a performance and workshop. elephantslaugh. Jun 11 2pm.

Daily movie screenings

Films like Jacques Tati’s Playtime (1967), and Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang will be screened as part of this event. There will be a movie every  day, except for Mondays and Saturdays. ■ Park Seong-chan


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