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Q&A: Yu Ju-yeon, organizer at Nabiya Saranghae cat shelter

"I started feeding two cats living on a roof, and found many that needed urgent care."


Tell us about your work with animals.

It’s been almost 20 years since I started living with animals. It was during my studies in the U.S. when I first adopted a stray cat. After I returned to Korea in 2003, I started feeding two cats living on a roof, and found many that needed urgent care. I rescued those cats, found people who could adopt them and provided care to the cats with disabilities.

How do you spend time with animals?

I established a cat shelter in 2006. It’s called Nabiya Saranghae, and serves to protect cats before they’re adopted. At the moment, there are two locations, where I spend most of my time. I share my home with several cats with disabilities, as well.

Has there been any difficulty in living with animals?

There’s not much difficulty in taking care of cats at home – as long as you insure good air circulation and install a safe cat net at home, that is.


Message to those who are looking to have a companion animal?

While there would be millions of reasons to live with a companion animal, one thing that’s certain is that animals are considered a family member rather than means to serve humans now. I hope that anyone who’s planning to adopt an animal understands that animals have feelings, feel pain and get hurt by separation, just like humans do.


What is a way to get involved in your organization?

You can find Nabiya Saranghae on Facebook, Instagram, Naver Café and Blog.

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