Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Final 2015

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Dating back to 2004, Red Bull BC One is one of the biggest events in the hip-hop and b-boying scene. Competitions take place all over the world, including in Brazil, Germany, France, South Africa, the U.S., Japan and of course, right here in Seoul. This time, the competition is bringing in not just the best of the city, but the best of Asia Pacific. Winners will go on to the international championships at World BC One in Rome and it’ll feature b-boy battles (of course) and performances by FRZM, Loco from AOMG and Mirme Taekwondo. If this is your scene, you’ll also be impressed to find that big names such as Hong 10, Roxrite and Ronnie will be judging. Come for the music, come for the moves and come to see who’s the best of the best this year.

By: Hahna Yoon

Event phone: 02-3670-7032
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