Romantic Illumination @ Everland

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에버랜드 트리

Make your way to Everland this winter to enjoy a majestic spectacle of lights. Bare trees, waterless fountains and empty gardens all adorned with sparkling bright Christmas lights will make you feel like a child waiting for Santa’s arrival.

Following the newly opened ‘Panda World’ this April, 15 types of life-size animal sculptures (up to 5 meters tall!) including pandas, giraffes, penguins, panthers and reindeer will light up to create an ‘Winter Animal Garden & Starlight Zoo.” It might not be the celebrated Rockefeller Christmas Tree, but Everland’s supersize Romantic Tower Tree will stand 26 meters tall topped with a twinkling star. You can even walk into the center of the glittering cone to feel at the center of the universe.

And don’t miss out on the “Magic in the Sky” winter fireworks show and the “Moonlight Parade” by the moonlight fairies! The joyful, energetic vibe might be the perfect remedy to the dreary winter.

By: Chuljunsung


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