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Founded in 1979 by the Korea Dance Association, Seoul Dance Festival was created as a platform to showcase the best and most creative dance performances in Korea. Not catering to a specific genre of dance, dancers and dance groups from all over Korea join in on the competition, and it's going to be some show. Running out of date or friend date ideas for this fall? The festival's going on in the quaint Daehangno neighborhood, and a ticket to each performance is 20,000 won. A simple opening ceremony at the Arko Art Theater will be held on the 3rd of November followed by performances on the 3rd and 5th from dance troupes invited by the festival (Memories of shame by the Poten Art Company and Mosi Nabi by Tatmaroo, respectively). See if your favorites made the list at the closing ceremony (tickets are free) on the 26th at 5pm!

By: Chuljunsung


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