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Seoul Escape Room

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Time Out says

“I’m so sorry.” I apologize to our photographer, who has to wait for us as we enter the mysterious room. As tempted as I am to detail where every clue is hidden, I’ve given my word of honor to the people of the Seoul Escape Room, where photos are strictly prohibited and personal integrity keeps you from giving out details. Taking physical form after the success of the original online games, real-life escape rooms have been all the rage all over Europe, China and the U.S. Within the past few months, several locations have popped up offering this trend right here in Seoul. At this Hongdae location, there are two types of rooms fitting two to four people: the Spy Room and the Office Room. In the Spy Room, you’re transported to a strange man’s apartment in the year 1973 and in the Office Room, you’ve snuck into your ex-boss’ workplace, hoping to escape before the police arrive. Once inside, you have to look for a series of clues, solve riddles and puzzles and beat the clock set for 60 minutes. We leave our cellphones in a locker, promise our photographer an ice cream and enter the Spy Room. With 11 minutes and 57 seconds to spare, we made it! Here are our reactions (colored by the glories of victory). 


156, Wausan-ro
Between 12,500 won to 24,000 won
Opening hours:
Tue–Sun 2–11pm
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