Seoul Hanok Expo

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Seoul Hanok Expo

A few years ago, “how to make your home Zen” was all the rage in interior design. In Korea, how well the home harmonizes with the natural landscape and the flow of the surrounding wind dates back several hundred years when hanoks were the main type of housing. Though hanoks have been largely replaced by concrete apartment buildings, their influence still survives. Here, you can explore how the architecture of the traditional houses can be carried out in today’s society and how it can be   improved using modern methods. The expo will show building methods used by industry experts and will also have plenty of programs for the general public such as a handicrafts flee market, an art fair of artisan furniture, various special exhibitions featuring everything from traditional artifacts to futuristic hanok designs and more. There will also be a hanji (traditional Korean paper) making corner and a traditional blacksmith’s workshop, where you can reenact methods hundreds of years old.


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