Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo + Beer & Equipment Expo

Things to do

Seoul international Wines & Spirits Expo (SIWS) is back for its 15th edition in an ever-more exciting form as Korea’s wine market has continued to expand over the past years. As more diverse types of foreign alcohol become increasingly more familiar to both industry professionals and enthusiasts, Korea’s wine import totaled a record high of $190 million in 2015. SIWS will be and has been the biggest exhibition specialized in wines and spirits in Korea showcasing everything from traditional Korean liquors, which have been garnering a lot of attention in the local scene, as well as wines, whiskeys, cognacs, etc. along with the rest which comes with the business. SIWS will also be running alongside the 6th edition of International Beer & Equipment Industry Expo. Beer makes up 54% of Korea’s alcoholic beverage market with imports having risen 188% from 2009 to 2014. Aside from the usual expo, there will be a homebrew contest, a special section for locally-brewed beer, and even classes which will come in handy especially for the beer geeks.


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