Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival

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Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival
Hyung-kwon Jang

The first time I went to Europe and bit into a kimchi-posing piece of lettuce drowning in sweet and sour sauce at an Asian buffet in Stockholm, I finally understood why ajusshis carry packets of kimchi and microwavable rice on their world travels. Being away from Korea gives you a newfound appreciation for the dish and for the grandmas who dry peppers outside their restaurants every autumn in preparation for it. The Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival, now in its second year, takes two aspects into account: the community-effort it often takes to make large portions of kimchi and the beauty of enjoying tasting it together. Not only does this festival give you the chance to learn how to make kimchi, but you can work alongside families that have been doing it for decades. There’ll be kimchi-making experts to provide you with all the know-how and programs for children to make kimchi for themselves. A Kimchi Star-K concert and dance will be held three times a day (12pm, 2pm and 4pm) and there will be a kimchi art gallery celebrating the over 100 different kinds of kimchi. Over 265 tons of kimchi were made at last year’s festival. There’ll be stands selling fresh, local kimchi direct from the seller and plenty of samples being given out. All the kimchi that’s made during the festival goes towards charity, so come learn something, eat something and do a little good, too. 

By: Hahna Yoon

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