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Seoul spills all

Real sex stories as told by Seoulites


I ended up at a motel for a one night stand. While in action, my partner moaned loudly, “OMG I think I’m going to be pregnant!” That moment, my hard-on instantaneously went soft. By the way, I’m gay and have never been with a girl. M, age 33, editor

I was at the motel with my GF. I got the bath going warm and was trying to play out a romantic scene. Except it was that time of month for her. Without thinking, I just blurted out, what if the bath becomes ox blood soup? Well that was the end of that night. M, age 27, college student


I got naked with a Norwegian on a bleacher at Jamsil Sports Complex during UMF. He told me he would never listen to Avicii the same again. F, age 27, English teacher

I was dropping my ex-boyfriend, a soldier, back off at base ending his vacation. Not wanting to separate, we sought out an empty alley, lifted my skirt, bent down and held on to the wall all for him. After our little fun, I remember looking at the mess we made and laughing to ourselves.F, age 29, illustrator


My younger brother, boyfriend, and I were on a trip together. The rough day put my brother to sleep. Watching TV on the bed next to his, things started to heat up. We couldn’t be too blunt with my brother right beside us, so I ended up going down on my boyfriend under the covers. F, age 32, curator

I was getting busy with the guy I was dating at that time when the pillow fell off the bed and caught fire on a candle we lit on the floor. The memory of jumping up and down wearing only socks and screaming to put it out remains with me to this day. F, age 35, working professional


One time after sex I pretended I had to take a dump and instead rubbed nutella that I had earlier hid in the bathroom, across my ass. When he was watching, I stuck my finger in and licked it pretending it was shit. We fell in love. F, age 32, writer

It was my first time doing doggy style and accidentally farted. I tried so hard holding it in that the sound slipping out of my rectum was impossibly embarrassing. I took a peek at how my partner was holding up with all of it, but 
damn, it felt like he was much more excited than normal. We fucked four times that day. F, age 32, marketer


During college, my GF and I went on an overnight trip to Gangwon-do. The bus back to Seoul was only carrying five other passengers and taking advantage of that, we went to the empty back seats lowered them and rode each other like wild horses while riding the bus. M, age 32, buyer

During my studies abroad, my foreign boyfriend’s penis was so big it almost hurt getting it in. When he climaxed, I guess he wasn’t able to control his energy and went in deep. It didn’t hurt at the moment per se, but there ended up being a wound. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go pee, my panties were blood soaked. F, age 39, researcher

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Different individuals answer our very personal questions about various sex acts (or lack thereof) that they’ve engaged in 

How has it been different for you when having sex with a man versus when having sex with a woman? Anything that stands out in your experience?
I'm female and all appearances considered most people would consider me straight. However, my sexuality fluctuates depending on who I'm with at the moment. When I have sex with a man, I, personally, become more submissive and I like for the guy to take control. I can get really wild and have horny sex on the kitchen table. When I'm with a woman, I tend to be 
more protective and enjoy the romance and the sensuality a bit more. It's easier for me to have casual sex with men, while it's easier for me to feel a deeper connection with a woman. – F, 29
What BDSM practices have you tried? How far have you ventured, and what about it is enjoyable?
It's hard to say how far I've ventured into BDSM because it is such a wide and eclectic category that different people engage in different elements of it. Personally, I've engaged in biting, spanking, hitting, choking, rope-play, edging and some bondage (blindfolding and gagging). I've also dabbled in watersports, but I realized (very quickly) that it's not for me. What I find most enjoyable about BDSM is the element of control. There's always a partner that dominates and one that submits. The person who dominates gets to dictate how much pleasure, pain or both they would like to give to their 
partner. Of course, the partner has just as much control over the situation by either begging for more or ending the scene (for example, using a safe word). I like that you're pushing yourself (and others) to the extreme of pleasure and pain, yet it's all still within the boundaries of consent. – M, 29
What do you get out of anal sex you couldn't get from other types of sex? (What makes it pleasurable? Any tips for beginners?)
I think part of what people get out of anal sex is that it's a bit weird (and that in itself is thrilling). But anal stimulation is actually pleasurable by itself in its own unique way (like how vaginal and clitoral stimulation are different, there's this third). For me, personally, part of what I enjoy is feeling full (I like double penetration). Friends have actually asked me for anal tips, and I'd say the most important thing is to have comfortable and candid communication with your partner—you both need to be clear about what's ok and what's not. Relax and be sure to have lots of lube on hand—you don't 
want to get microtears in the anus area (it's painful and dangerous). Start small... begin with a pinky finger joint, and work up to an index finger... and when you're about to take a dick up your ass, start with just the tip! – F, 32
How does it feel to be a virgin at an age when most of your peers are not? 
Most people know or actually assume I'm a virgin, which is almost 100% due to my religion. I don't think sex before marriage is a sin, but for me, personally, I believe in the sanctity of the body. Also knowing myself, I feel like it would drive me crazy to a point where it's not healthy. I've French kissed before and stopped myself from going further. I used to feel self-conscience about it in college, but my friends and peers respected my decisions. While they make fun of me sometimes, they [also] hold me to a different standard for it. I think once I'm in a relationship, the courting period will not last very long. Like a lot of people, I am afraid the first time will be awkward, painful and not enjoyable, but I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is raving about. We shall see. LOL. – F, 28

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