Seoul Street Arts Festival

Things to do

Seoul Street Arts Festival aims to “turn daily space[s] into a stage while demolishing the boundaries between the audience and performers.” Whether it may be a live performance or an interactive installation be prepared to be mesmerized by the creative talents leading the festival. Programs include official and street performances, a parade, small street musical concerts along the Cheonggye Plaza, a 100% handmade flea market, chalk art, and even a forum discussing street art as its own genre among many other events. The Fire Installation, a “fire that runs along Cheonggyecheon,” by artistic team Carabosse; Knee Deep, a dynamic circus exploring the boundaries of firm and fragile, by Casus Circus; Frameshift, a vertical performance and modern dance, by Australia’s Stalker Theater and Korea’s Creative Dandi; are a few of the official programs not to miss. This exciting festival will be sure to redefine the boundaries of performance. Check out their website for program timetable

By: Chuljunsung


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