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Seoulites in the spotlight

How do Seoulites in the spotlight see the city?
By Hahna Yoon |

They say that everyone in the world is connected by a mere six degrees of separation. And in a city as dense as Seoul, you can find yourself rubbing shoulders with the A-list (or at least passing through the same haunts). But it's not every day that you get to see Seoul from their perspective. Read about the Seoul they know and love—you might just find yourself nodding along.

Yoon Do-hyun, YB lead singer

“The K-rock scene is very different from the K-pop scene in Korea, as a colorful variety of bands has driven the movement since its beginnings in the 60s. Having said this, K-rock is still considered an alternative genre. The market for rock isn’t getting much attention or expanding, but a lot of start-up bands are emerging with creative sounds. The life of K-rock steadily trudges onward on the small stages of Hongdae.”

Hasisi Park, photographer

“I am always travelling across the world—it’s the nature of my job. At times, I feel the urge to settle down in a different city and start a new life, but one ordinary day, it struck me that Seoul, too, is a city of unique charms. For instance, you can see mountains from the heart of the city. The view of Inwangsan from the streets of Gwanghwamun gives me a sense of warmth and comfort.”

Daniel Tudor, author & entrepreneur

“I think Seoul has actually become a really attractive city, whereas it was kind of monotonous and grey when I first arrived 8 years ago; there is a bit more emphasis on aesthetics in general now that Korea is no longer this 
rushed kind of place. I also think there's more nostalgia, as evidenced by [the drama] “Reply 1984” and a growing love of hanok, minhwa and 70s music. That's great, as it means people are starting to look back with pride rather than just pursuing all that is new all the time.”

Kim Jung-hyuk, novelist

“As a writer, I feel blessed to be living in this city. I can find almost anything I need here, from technology to traditions, passion to indifference, consideration to disdain, democracy to tyranny, wealth to poverty, craftsmen to swindlers, ambition to sex. Overflowing with such ideals and ironies, there really is no city like Seoul.”

Kye Han-hee, fashion designer

“Seoul means a lot to me. Born and raised in the States and having studied fashion in London, I spent most of my life abroad, but in my heart I always missed Seoul. I guess I can’t deny the Korean blood that flows within my veins. As a Korean, I try to give as much as I can to the city to enrich its culture.”

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