Seoulland Seollal special and pond smelt fishing

Things to do

Head over to Seoulland this Seollal for some exciting activities. All the traditional games and activities will be available, along with (silly yet still) fun things like mascots dressed in hanbok whom you can take pictures with. As Seoulland is having a special ‘Pond Smelt Festival’ until February 19th, visitors during Seoullal will be able to net out some pond smelt at the fish point. A 50-meter sled slope for children and a 120-meter slope for everyone else are also available. Magician Kim Young Jin, winner of SBS Starking competition and an invitee to Asia’s Got Talent, will be showing off their skills on stage until march 5th. The Seollal Special will begin on January 27th and continue till the 30th. Middle school, high school, and university students will receive a one-day pass for 14,000 won and those who were born on a year of the rooster will receive a 50% discount.

By: Chuljunsung


Event phone: 02-509-6000
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