Sinchon Santa Village

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Sinchon Santa Village

What is it?

A mass blind date organized by a company called Saemip where singles will go to be matched up with other singles to dine together at several designated foodie spots.

Who’s going?

Saemip will be taking applications for 600 single women and 600 single men. (Ages 20-35 only). Non-Koreans are welcome to join but applications in Korean only


Early registration: 32,000 won for men and 29,000 won for women

A word from the organizer

“In Korea, they sometimes say we’re the ‘sam-po-si-dae’ meaning we’ve given up on courtship, marriage and having kids. I think that our program gives hope to people that just think there isn’t an opportunity for them anymore. I’ve heard a lot of happy stories from our event. Survey shows over 80% satisfaction. People on our staff get to participate at one of the events for free, so it’s nice to hear when they get matched up, too. Two of the participants from last year are even getting married!”

Where to get more info (Korean only). 

By: Hahna Yoon


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