Sinchon Water Gun Fight Festival 2017

Things to do

Bringing you all the best of your childhood summer vacation is the 5th Sinchon Water Gun Festival. The streets of Sinchon, normally dominated by college students, will be closed off for a parade of water shenanigans. This year’s water gun fight will be battle between ‘aliens and earthlings’, split up between two days. The event itself will be free, but they will be offering packages that include a raincoat, scarf and a sun cap – the alien team package is a little bit more expensive because it also includes a bracelet. Also, you will be able to buy a variety of water guns distinguished between whether you choose to be an alien or an earthling. By the way, all profits will go to a good cause, so don’t hesitate too much when making a purchase! The water gun fight will also be comprised of an ‘Alien Parade’, a bubble party and a DJ set along with various other performances. It seems as though more than 40,000 people will be attending, so be ready to get soaking wet and recreate sixth grade all over again.