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SIToy + SISOFair

Running out of toys to keep your children occupied? Can’t seem to find good stationery you kids going off to school? Well spend a day at COEX and visit 2 exciting conventions perfectly suited for families with children. Both the Seoul Toy Show (SIToy) and Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair (SISOFair) will be occurring at COEX convention center Hall C from October 6th to the 9th. Don’t limit these events to your children, you may find something useful for work at the stationary and office fair! In 2015, SISOFair exhibited various categories of stationery over 121 members from 6 different countries! As for toys, you might be amazed to see how advanced toys have gotten since your childhood with Korean toy companies combing modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. These conventions may be the perfect occasion to bribe your children, especially for those who’ve been naughty these past few weeks!

By: Chuljunsung


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