Spring Blossom Bucket Race

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Spring Blossom Bucket Race

If participating in a marathon was something on your bucket list, Run&Run’s Spring Blossom Bucket Race might be your chance to scratch that one off the list. On March 25th at 9am sharp, the marathon will begin. There are two courses available, the 15km ‘Challenge Course’ (for 30,000 won) and 7km ‘Exercise Course’ (for 20,000 won). Both courses will start and end at Yeouinaru’s event stage, but the 7km will take you to Yanghwa Bridge while the 15km will take you to Gangyang Bridge. You will be provided with water and snacks along the way. There will also be charity events and a "time capsule letter" events (your letter will be delivered to you a year from the day). If you decide you want to run in this marathon, make sure to sign up at https://www.frip.co.kr/products/11096 and get to the starting location by 8am!

By: Chuljunsung


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