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Satisfaction guaranteed! Free springtime events in Seoul

Leave your wallets at home—there's plenty to do without having to spend at all.

Now that the weather’s warmed up a bit, it’s time for all the hibernating hermits to crawl out of their shells! Spring is here and that means brings luscious blooming flowers and great events to enjoy with your friends, coworkers and family. And, better yet, these events below require not cash flow at all, they’re all free!

Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Having begun last year, the Bamdokkaebi Night Market is back in full force. From spring to fall, this night market supplies handmade accessories and decorative items, along with food trucks and performances all for the sake of letting Seoulites have some fun as the cool evening sets in. This year's market will begin on March 24th in 4 different locations around Seoul. Every Fridays and Saturdays, the ones at Yeouido Hangang Park Floating Stage and Banpo Bridge Hangang Park Moonlight Square will open at 6pm, while DDP will be hosting the vendors from 7pm. Cheonggyecheon’s night markets are set to be held every Saturday and Sunday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Each destination will have their own theme. At Yeouido Floating Stage’s ‘World Night Market’, you will be able to enjoy food and dance performances from different parts of the world. DDP will host the ‘Youth Runway and Dance Night’, a place for you to experience fashion shows and DJ performances while shopping from young artisans. Cheonggyecheon’s ‘Time Sleep Market’ and Banpo Bridge Moonlight Square’s ‘Romantic Moonlight Market’, which will showcase interesting art performances.  Note that the Cheonggyecheon night market is seasonal, meaning it will only open on the following dates: May 19-21, August 18-20, September 15-17 and lastly October 13-15. All other night markets will continue to open until October 29th. For more information, visit http://www.bamdokkaebi.org/language/intro_eng.php.

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Yeouido Hangang Park , Yeouido Friday April 28 2017 - Sunday October 29 2017

Night & day royal palace concerts

Gogung Concert, also known as the Royal Palace Concert, is a series of traditional Korean musical performances happening inside the confinements of two of the main Palaces of Seoul. At Gyeongbokgung, the series of concerts will take place two times, once during the day (3.30pm – 4.10pm) at Jagyeongjeon’s Flower Wall (residence of the Queen Mother) and once at night (8.00pm – 8.50pm) at Sujeongjeon Hall (former royal research institute in the 15th century). At Changgyeonggung Palace, evening concerts will be hosted by Tongmyeongjeon Hall (the King’s bedroom). The palatial mise en scene will be fantastically lit up, adding a dramatic effect you won’t be able to experience anywhere else in the world. The shows will be a treat for your eyes years.

Gyeongbokgung Day Concert: Mar 20-Jun 30, Sep 1-Oct 30 (3.30pm-4.10pm) Gyeongbokgung Night Concert: Apr 16-27, Jul 16-Jul 29, Aug 20-Sep 2, Sep 17, Sep 18 (8pm-8.50pm) Changgyeonggung Night Concert: Apr 16-30, May 1-2, May 31-Jun 3, Jun 18-Jul 1, Jul 16-Jul 28 (8pm-8.50pm)

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Gyeongbokgung , Jongno-gu Until Monday October 30 2017

Pre & Free

Check out some relaxing tunes of traditional Korean music this spring at the Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater. Beginning March 3rd and running until May 27th, Pre & Free is a series of gugak concerts and performances for all to enjoy. Of the 25 participating teams, the pansori, tap dance and classical collaborations are not to be missed. In addition, for 2 weeks starting April 11th, members of the Gugak Association will be throwing 20 shows as part of the 'Citizen’s Week.' Located between Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine, the Seoul Donghwamun Traditional Theater will be the place to check out this spring to get the best of traditional Korean music. All tickets will cost 5,000 won per seat. During the Citizen’s Week, all shows will be free (online pre-registration required). Check their website for further details on performance times.

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Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater Until Saturday May 27 2017
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