Starlight Tour with Daejanggeum

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A night tour at Gyeongbokgung and Korean royal court cuisine at the royal kitchen — it's really something to see, and a lot to taste. The meal will consist of 12 dishes, just like how it was prepared for the kings and queens of Joseon Dynasty. After being fed like an Emperor, you will be touring 10 locations in the palace grounds, including Emperor Gojong's library, a brightly-lit pond full of lotus flowers, the pavilion (there will be a live performance of traditional Korean music) and two rooms that aren't normally open to the public. This event will start on the 20th of this month and will go on until April 14th. Make sure to get your tickets ASAP as it's extremely popular. There will be 2 tours a day (6.30pm and 7.40pm) and the duration will be around 140 minutes. Tickets are available at

By: Chuljunsung


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