Still Alive 7 Seoul's Best Halloween Punk Party

Things to do

Hongdae’s original Halloween costume party/punk rock show is back for its 7th year. Last year marked the closing of Club Spot and was the wildest party to date. This year, they've moved to a new location--Club DGBD in Hongdae. So get your costumes ready, and come out to Seoul’s best live music Halloween party for the great bands, great people, great times, and all night drink specials....All for one of the lowest entry fees you’ll ever see in Hongdae!


SkaSucks/스카석스 (ska-punk)
Romantiqua/로맨티카 (post-rock)
…Whatever That Means/왓에버댓민즈 (melodic punk)
Billy Carter/빌리카터 (blues rock)
Full Garage/풀거라지 (skatepunk)
Burning Hepburn/버닝헾번 (punk/ska)