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Suggested itinerary: Martin's second trip to Seoul

You already know all the basics for what to do the first time you're in Seoul. How well can you do trip number two?
By Hahna Yoon |

There’s a lot more to do as a tourist than just palaces and Korean barbecue. Second time visitor to Seoul, Martin Westerberg, shares with us his checklist while he’s in town. Read on and find inspirations for guests a bit more familiar with the city. 

Got lost at Luxury Su Noraebang

On the first night I arrived in Seoul, I went to Luxury Su Noraebang. Went out from the karaoke room to use the bathroom and got lost on my way back. I had to walk around with two staff members for 30 minutes before finding the right room again. Had to intrude in 10 different rooms!

Took a selfie at the DMZ

Went to the DMZ and bought four bottles of probably really shitty North Korean wine. But I completed my personal mission of taking a selfie at the DMZ and it was a cool experience. 


Board room cafe

My friends and I discovered a game called Ticket to Ride at a board room café and I won 3 out of 3 times!

MMCA vs. Trick Eye Museum

We went to the MMCA and I thought it was the worst museum of my life. I’m going to have nightmares about contemporary art forever. Luckily, we took some funny pictures at the Trick Eye Museum after. 


Drinking outside of GS25

Drinking makgeolli in bottles outside of GS25 in Itaewon with two of my buddies. Totally wonderful.

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