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Time Out says

Learn, play, and explore a new realm of interactive art presented by teamLab at Lotte World. The team of ultra-technologists made of programmers, mathematicians, architects, animators, designers and artists from Japan who call themselves teamLab have brought their grand scale, interactive digital installations to Seoul. Unlike some of the previous interactive installations we've seen in Seoul, viewer participation is not limited to a touch screen—the works go beyond to “making the viewer's whole body immersed in the art and even encouraging participants to reflect on their own position relative to the world and other people.” From start to end, your body will be surrounded by digitized images that respond to your motion. If you touch the walls, flowers will blossom creating an environment for butterflies; when you hit one of the big balls, it will not only change the color but also compose different sounds, orchestrating vibrant music. Children will be able to build their own cities and when attacked by a dragon, control the flying jets to destroy it. You can even sketch your own sea creature and bring it to life in the digital aquarium by scanning it. The last room before exiting into the reality again, will blow your imagination into a crystal universe, making it a perfect setting for a photograph. On average, touring the whole exhibition will take a good couple of hours. 

When first opened in Tokyo, this exhibition was awarded “Top 10 art exhibitions of 2015” by Designboom Magazine, attracting more than 460,000 visitors. Providing a great experience for children and also for adults in gaining a new perspective of art, “teamLab World: Dance! Art Museum, Learn & Play! Future Park” is indeed an educative digital experience.

Written by
Chuljunsung Chuljunsung


240 Olympic-ro,
Adult 20,000 won, Children 24,000 won.
Opening hours:
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