The 2nd Top Chef Festa

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The Grand Hilton Seoul presents the Top Chef Festa as part of their 2 day Christmas Gala Show this year for some great food and music to fill our joyful spirits. The festa will showcase 2 of the hottest chefs in showbiz alongside an hour long performance by celebrated musical actor Lim Tae-kyung. If there’s a special someone this Christmas you want to impress, this might be the perfect event; a hotel atmosphere, special dishes by star chefs and romantic musical act to digest all the food. Edward Kwon’s Gala Dinner on the 24th (18:30), catering to a more middle-aged clientele, will serve a 5-6 course dish including pork and potatoes with velouté sauce and surf-n-turf with beef and lobster as the main. For families, Lee Yeon-bok’s Lovely Gala Show on the 25th(13:30) might be the better choice. A wide array of Lee Yeon-boks signature Chinese dishes will be included in the buffet consisting of around 40 different dishes; abalones and sea cucumber, cream prawns, menbosha, sweet and sour pork, crabmeat corn soup and kung pao chicken among others. Choose which course you prefer and make your reservations ASAP!

By: Chuljunsung


Event phone: 1522-4166
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