The Color Run

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The Color Run

Come get splashed with color at The Color Run!

Wait! Before you read on, note that registration for the Seoul event ended on June 14th. This is an inside scoop on what the event’s like for those who are thinking about signing up next time, or photographers interested in a fast-paced, color-packed challenge. Plus, with over 300 Color Run Events happening in more than 50 cities in the world, you’re bound to run into one again. What’s all the craze about? The pictures themselves say it so well. This is pretty much a mass gathering of people showered in neon. While the event also goes by the name “The Happiest 5k in the World,” it’s neither a race nor a marathon and there’s very little actual running that happens (it’s not even timed). Come wearing white and get splashed with a different colored powder every kilometer. Previous attendants suggest getting there as soon as the sun gets up to avoid crowds at the entrance. Friends and cameras are a must as this one’s for the photo ops. Sensitive eyes? Bring goggles, too. Expect lots of laughter and funny looks on the subway ride back home. 

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