The seoul Gwaja olympics

Things to do
It started out with those who like to eat snacks and those who like
to make them gathered together in a small shop. Two to three years ago, there was an explosive response from all the hidden cookie monsters out there and people began to line up just to enter this festival. Towards the end of last year, it was held at Kintex, one of the biggest venues in Korea. They pretty much have all the sugary deliciousness you could ask for, from small baked goods, cookies, jam, macaroons and cake to various kinds of desserts. This year, they added some special programs: Social Snacks, a time where they introduce social enterprises that make snacks; The Hall of Snacks, where they announce some of the longest-standing sweet shops of Seoul; and more! These are the kind of events where you can spend one day setting aside all your worries about rotting teeth or putting on extra weight and eat to your hearts desire. As one wise man puts it: “It’s zero calories if you had a good time eating it.”

By: Jin Soo Lee

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