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VER'S Garden

Become one with the space─it's easy 'cause it's beautiful

Ver's Garden
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Surrounding this alluring café in Yeonnam-dong are a variety of plants, including bamboos, eucalyptus and Muscat vines. Inside, there is a wall blanketed withdried flowers in the full spectrum of pastel hues, and green and purple hanging plants cascade down from the ceiling above. The whole room is completely filled with the scents of flowers and herbs.
Owner Kim Seong-su believes that plants are a vital part of life. His wish to share his love for plants is apparent in every corner of this café as well as in every drink served. Kim grows six different types of herbs, including chocolate mint and rosemary, and he hand-picks and infuses them here. The stevia leaf whimsically attached to the straw in my iced coffee tastes surprisingly sweet.
A former musical theater performer, Kim treats this space as his “stage” for flower designs.
“For me, a performance is about connecting with the audience,” he said. Accordingly, the café's interior undergoes a dramatic  transformation every season to reflect nature’s changing moods, with cherry blossoms in the spring and silver grass in the autumn. Kim has staged his performances at other venues as well, with the “planterior” designs at PP Seoul’s rooftop lounge in Namsan and Café 413 Project in Yeoksamdong included in his repertoire. For some, visiting VER'S  Garden for the first time may be somewhat confusing, as it may seem more like a flower shop or a greenhouse than a café. Instead of  attempting to pigeonhole the space, Kim suggests that his visitors “take in the vibe of this space, without labeling it,” which is exactly what I did.


More plant-filled cafés

Three more cafés where you can buy flowers or take flower arrangement classes

Out of care for the well-being of the plants inside, this café only offers drinks made with cold or room temperature water, including cold brew
coffee drinks. Flower design classes are available.
1, Hannam-daero 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu.

Known for its refined and zen-inspired designs. Flower design classes are regularly offered.
52, Dosan-daero 55-gil, Gangnam-gu.

Its 1st floor is dedicated solely to flower displays, including large,  plantfilled chandeliers. The 2nd floor serves as a café and restaurant.
110, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu.
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