World Hansik Festival

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You’ve probably heard children shout out “kimchi” while posing for a picture their parents force them to take. While we mostly see 2 or 3 types of kimchi at home and restaurants, there are in fact over hundreds of different kinds of kimchi—made from cabbage, scallions, radish, the list goes on. At World Hansik Festival, we’re celebrating Korean cuisine as a whole. Starting with an opening ceremony with singer Eric Nam as a PR ambassador, and a cooking show by celebrity chef Edward Kwon, the event will span over 5 days. 50 restaurants categorized under the theme of modern, casual and premium will be offering special gourmet menus along with gala dinners organized through culinary collaborations will have your taste buds melt with flavor. Food exhibitions, concerts and talks by top chefs and musicians will also be staged. If you want to try your hands at making some Samgyetang or Bulgogi, visit their cooking classes! Check their website for more information about time, dates, and location.

By: Chuljunsung


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