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What to do on Halloween in Seoul

Here are Time Out Seoul's answers on where to be and what to do this Halloween

Written by
Hahna Yoon

Every Halloween, there are seemingly a million people bursting out of Itaewon station or roaming about aimlessly in Hongdae. In a way, it goes to show the nation's growing interest in the holiday. But WHERE to go seems as impossible as bringing back the dead. 

Here are all the cool places to be... Get there before the house gets packed! 

Places to buy Halloween costumes

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Now we can answer the question, which is 'where can i get a Halloween costume in Korea'. If you don't have any ideas of preparing Halloween costume for approaching Halloween party this year, "Joyparty" is the best place to buy Halloween stuff in Korea. There are different kinds of spooky masks, decorations, clothes and more. The Joyparty is open year round selling party supplies, costumes, joke items and seasonal stuffs too. Now it's time to enJOY the Party this year.

  • Shopping

If you are a big Halloween fan then you are thinking of throwing a Halloween party but not sure if you can find decorations or costumes for it. This is the place to go for your Halloween costume needs. It has not only the largest selection of Halloween items but also big event items that you have come across in Seoul to date.

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