Zombie Run Halloween Edition: Bloody Carnival

Things to do

That thing where you get drunk with your friends in an overcrowded Itaewon gets old fast. Try something new for a change, get some fresh air and check out the Halloween edition of Zombie Run happening at Seoul Land. Instead of just getting dressed up and running around, this Zombie Run involves a contest portion as well. In the game, the objective is to run through five different zones (all themed according to the designated plotline) with three different life flags while avoiding getting caught by zombies who are trying to steal your life flags. Although most people participate just for the sake of having fun and don’t care about winning or losing, to exit the contest with one flag left means success (for die-hard competitors). ID cards to prove age are a must (under 15 prohibited) and attendees are advised to arrive one hour before the game begins. Your ticket includes entrance, a flag belt, flags, one ticket for the after-party and a pass for Seoul Land’s three biggest rides. It’s a great chance to meet people and loosen up (while still sober) and celebrate Halloween. 


Event phone: 070-4006-8059
Event website: http://www.zombierun.co.kr
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