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St. Joseph Apartments

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Time Out says

Coming out of exit 4 from Chungjeongno Station (line 2), you will notice a slight hill on the right side. Taking a short hike up, you will reach Jungnim-dong’s Citizen’s Center at the top of the hill.

Continuing the path will take you down an alley known for housing Korea’s first ever residential and commercial complex, the St. Joseph Apartments. They were actually first built to house those religiously devoted to the Yakhyeon Cathedral and is the reason why many of them still live there.

Unfortunately, as the buildings have aged while the area has grown denser, the narrow alley is almost reminiscent of a street market instead of an apartment complex, with the first floor shops extending out into the streets and electric wires zigzagging throughout the sky view. Although the complex might not be the most appealing tourist attraction Seoul has to offer, it is in the process of becoming one of Seoul’s ‘Future Heritage’ sites for its unique architecture and 50 year old history.

Written by
Ahrim Won


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