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Photograph: Courtesy BoxFox

The best Mother’s Day gift ideas

You don’t have to try too hard to find the perfect present—just use our list of affordable Mother’s Day gifts

Written by
Lauren Rothman
Jennifer Picht

Searching for perfect Mother’s Day gifts? Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom some love, and while we think handmade Mother’s Day cards are pretty darn cute, you know you can do better. We do, of course, recommend taking your mama out for a ridiculously good meal at the best brunch spots, sending her flowers or booking a luxurious spa treatment for two, but you’re still going to have to buy a prezzie because that’s your mom, dammit, and she deserves it! If you need a little inspiration, we’ve picked out some beautiful, budget-friendly Mother's Day gift ideas that will convince your number one lady that you are, truly, her favorite out of all your siblings.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

For the pamper-loving mom

1. For the pamper-loving mom

There's nothing fun about shaving, but that was until Billie came around. Built with women in mind, this fun, feminine and health-conscious shaving kit makes a great gift for the mom who loves to try new products. 

Billie gift subscriptions are $27 for six months and $54 for twelve months,

For the baking mom

2. For the baking mom

Nothing tastes better than ma's freshly-made treats. While she may love the act of baking, curating all those ingredients and sourcing new recipes can be tedious. Make mom's next bake-a-thon easier by gifting her one of Red Velvet's mouthwatering kits. Maybe she'll share the bounty with you. 

Red Velvet NYC Lemon Poppy Seed Kit, $26,


For the generous mom

3. For the generous mom

Show your mom just how thankful you are for everything she's done over the years with this gift box called "Merci." Bonus: the box and gifts inside come prepackaged and wrapped. 

Box Fox Merci, $32,

For the mom who needs to unwind

4. For the mom who needs to unwind

Next time your mom is feeling stressed, she'll be grateful for this lovely incense holder which she can use while breathing and meditating. Just make sure to purchase some incense for her too! 

American Heirloom walnut and maple incense holder, $24,

For the nostalgic mom
Photograph: Courtesy Artifact Uprising

5. For the nostalgic mom

Now here’s a gift, which will bring a tear to any mother’s eye—in a good way! This customizable calendar will be a constant reminder (er, at least for the next 365 days) of the most precious memories you’ve shared over the years. Have Kleenex ready.

Wood Calendar, $30,

For the particular mom
Photograph: Courtesy Marcin

6. For the particular mom

Desperate to get your mom the perfect present? This gifting service makes shopping a complete breeze and is a reliable option for any son or daughter whose mom is known to be a tad, well, picky. GiftNow allows you to select amazing items from online retailers and virtually send the gift suggestion via email, after which the gifted can either choose to accept the present or change it up based on their personal preference. Happy shopping!

For the mom with a sweet tooth
Photograph: Courtesy Mini Melanie/Daizou Tanaka

7. For the mom with a sweet tooth

Allow mom to indulge in her cravings—it is her special day after all! These truffle chocolates almost look too pretty to eat, but we encourage you to gorge on them because these decadent sweets will melt in your mouth.

Mini Melanie, $39,

For the mom with a floral allergy

8. For the mom with a floral allergy

Is ma allergic to flowers? Baked Bouquet is the solution! This New Jersey bakery creates the most stunning floral arrangements out of—yep, you guessed it—cupcakes. Hell, we’ll take the smell of buttercream frosting over a sweet-smelling rose any day. And, yes, these sweets are actually delivered with a vase attached. So authentic!

S-Potted in Pink, starting at $59,

For the wino mom

9. For the wino mom

If your mom's beverage of choice is always vino, this gorgeous wine decanter will remind her of you every time she pours herself a glass. 

RBT Wine Decanter, $99.95,

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