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The 9 best cheap flower delivery services in the USA

Get ahead of the celebrations and send some flowers with these budget-friendly flower delivery services

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Loved one's birthday around the corner and need a last-minute solution? We've got you covered. But don’t be put off by the crazy amount of incredibly expensive flower delivery services out there – although they’re great, too. But it's not always an option for people looking for budget-friendly bouquets. Luckily, it turns out there are a whole bunch of (see what we did there) great companies out there that will take a bouquet straight to your loved ones without breaking the bank. Here are the best cheap flower delivery services in the USA.


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How do we know it's the best of the best? Our lists are expertly curated by our local experts far and wide to offer you the lowdown on the best delivery services in NYC. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, click here.

Best cheap USA flower deliveries

The Bouqs Co
Photograph: Courtesy The Bouqs Co

1. The Bouqs Co

This is farm-to-table for the flower industry. Bouqs Co sources its blooms from sustainable, eco-friendly farms across North and South America, and the best bit is they only cut what they sell. So nothing goes to waste and flowers often last longer than the ones you find in any grocery store. Things to love about this company include the cute choice of names used to differentiate their offerings. Who wouldn't want to send or receive 'Sugar rush', 'Buttercream' or 'Venice Peach'? You can also upscale your gift by adding chocolate slabs or candles. Sweet.

Where they deliver: They offer a local flower delivery service across the US finding NYC, LA, San Fran, Dallas, Chicago, Miami and more.

Why we like them: Cut-to-bloom at their peak, Bouqs source their flower directly from the farm for longer-lasting arrangements. 

What’s the price point: Gorgeous blooms from as little as $35 when you subscribe, or $49 without a subscription. 

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Ode à la Rose is one of those companies that sounds and looks seriously posh but is actually pretty affordable. Although these bouquets are fancy enough for a proper occasion (like a wedding, birthday, or mother’s day), many of them come in fairly cheaply, including delivery. The website also has a price category option, so you can shop the option if you want to keep costs down. Flowers-wise, we're big fans of their preserved roses. Each flower has been treated so that it lasts an entire year: a beautiful halfway house between real and fake buds. Plus, all the arrangements come in a lovely vase.

Where they deliver: Available for delivery throughout the U.S. Yipee. 

Why we like them: They create romantic blooms, exquisitely arranged with a Parisian flair. 

What’s the price point: Send or receive elegant bouquets from $58. Not bad. 

Photograph: Courtesy Floom

3. Floom

Floom is one of the biggest names in the flower delivery game right now. The digital service allows you to order flowers, plants, and gift baskets from local, independent florists all over the country. Just enter your zip code, then peruse by type of flower, occasion, and more. In terms of style, the bouquets here blend a classic sensibility with something a little bit more modern and 'undone'. We also love their ability to mix-and-match blooms within the same color range, creating bunches of softly-hued flowers which soothe the eyes that look upon them.

Where they deliver: Just like the rest, Floom offer nationwide delivery thanks to their huge catalogue of local florists. 

Why we like them: In addition to beautifully handcrafted bouquets, you'll find elegant gift sets and seasonal arrangements like wreaths and ilex berries.

What’s the price point: Find blooms from $48 or less depending on your zipcode.

Photograph: Shutterstock/Africa Studio

4. ProFlowers

Like many nationwide floral brands, ProFlowers offers a bevy of blooms for same-day, nationwide delivery. You can find old standbys at surprisingly affordable prices, as well as more unique options like a juniper bonsai tree, a floral peace sign wreath, and a tulip garden. Plus, it's easy to throw in a succulent or cheesecake pops to really make your delivery stand out. In fact, the whole vibe here is fresh, fun and just a teeny bit quirky. If you're gifting to someone who likes their colors bright and their blooms big, look no further. Sunflowers, gerberas and giant lilies abound in bouquets truly designed to lift the spirits. Let the sun shine!

Where they deliver: You're in luck buddy – ProFlowers has got all areas covered. From SoCal right through to Hawaii. 

Why we like them: ProFlowers have a network of talented local florists who help bring your desired blooms to life, whatever the occasion, type or colour. 

What’s the price point: Get your hands on a handcrafted bouquet from $35.

From You Flowers
Photograph: Shutterstock

5. From You Flowers

Working with a tight budget and short time frame? Luckily, From You Flowers offer inexpensive options that can be delivered on the same day, in some cases. This is another company that specializes in a sense of fun and frivolity. Go big on primary brights and cute customised vases or add balloons, chocs and teddy bears to your order. Other fun options include rainbow roses and bunches with a hidden succulent inside.

Where they deliver: From You Flowers delivers nationwide with same-day and next-day options. 

Why we like them: If you're looking for the best deal, From You Flowers is pretty hard to beat.

What’s the price point: Brighten someone's day from as little as $31.49.

Photograph: Courtesy Teleflora

6. Teleflora

Instead of packing your delicate posies into a box, Teleflora works with local florists to hand deliver every arrangement, meaning that you can avoid the split second of despair when trying to take them out of the packaging. The wide selection of bouquets includes something for every holiday, occasion, and recipient, including plenty that can be delivered on the same day. There's also a great range of different vases and flower holders available to select. Can’t decide which bouquet to order? Order the Deal of the Day: you just pick the price point, and a florist will do the rest.

Where they deliver: Teleflora deliver across the USA and Canada. 

Why we like them: We're pretty stoked by how a vast selection of bouquets there is. 

What’s the price point: A cheap and cheerful selection from $34.99.

Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock

7. FTD

Founded in 1910, FTD was one of the earliest companies to get into the flower delivery game. Since the company works with more than 30,000 florists in 125 countries, it makes it easy to send a bouquet almost anywhere. They also are really on it with seasonal flower collections, like the curated selections of florals picked in gorgeous sunset tones for the beginning of fall. The aesthetic here is a little bit more old school (in a good way) than at other retailers. Even the brightest bunch has a nice note of sophistication and elegance accompanying it. So what are you waiting for? Send a gorgeous bouquet to your loved one. Go on, spoil them!

Where they deliver: They deliver all over the USA and Canada.

Why we like them: FTD are a pretty niche bunch. Whether you're just trying to cheer up your pal or you're looking for a floral centrepiece for Kwanza, you'll find it here. 

What’s the price point: You can grab a bunch for $40. Sweet.
Photograph: Shutterstock/Maria Sbytova


As the name implies, this service partners with local shops to deliver arrangements whenever possible. If they don’t have partnerships with florists in your area, though, they’ll ship your bouquet in a gift-wrapped box. These aren't just standard arrangements, either: you can also send live plants ranging from daffodils to mini orchids and fun fruit bouquets like an oversized margarita glass filled with chocolate-covered strawberries. There's also a range of other more somber arrangements, including tonally matching blooms in wicker baskets and classic all-red romantic pieces.

Where they deliver: You'll find these guys and gals delivering to wherever you are. 

Why we like them: They say it's as easy as ordering dinner. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

What’s the price point: A very pocket-friendly selection starting from $34.99.


9. Interflora

Why go with Interflora? Well, not to brag on their behalf, but their team are comprised of a mighty skilled set of hands. No factories or production lines, we're talking local artisan florists whose craftmanship knows how to hit the nail every time. Their showstopping bunches are carefully wrapped and boxed to help you create that special moment. They manage to keep up with the latest trends in terms of colors, species and arrangement shapes while not alienating their classic fan base. Also, there's a full range of hamper treats available to order too, basically making this your one-stop website for Mother's Day and beyond.

Where they deliver: Interflora's dedicated team deliver almost everywhere in the US.

Why we like them: Blooms from Interflora are truly a work of art – bursting with colour and texture, it's a gift well given. 

What’s the price point: Make yours or someone else's day from around $50.
Photograph: Shutterstock


Though the name of this flower delivery brand hearkens back to the pre-internet era, they’ve since taken their massive catalog online. And since also owns Harry and David and several other gift brands, too, it’s a snap to add a fruit basket, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other goodies to your order. Basically, it's the easiest way to sort out a pretty little gift without dedicating too much time to it. We love their range of 'care packages' which are perfect to send to a sister in distress away from home. And why not treat yourself to a bunch to brighten up your home while you're at it? And in case you're gifting for a pet lover, you'll want to come this way too for the most 'a-Dog-able' bouquets you've ever laid eyes on. No, seriously. 

Where they deliver: Flower deliveries are available across the US and Canada.

Why we like them: Talk about going above and beyond, same-day delivery is available all year round. 

What’s the price point: Pretty darn cheap – bouquets start from $34.99.


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