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10 Best vodka crystal head

The 15 best bottles of vodka

We’ve determined the best vodkas money can buy, so you don't have to. Meaning you can concentrate on the important part: drinking

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Although vodka has been overshadowed over the past few years with preferences for tequila, gin and more exotic liquors like Brazilian cachaça, it remains the most versatile, neutral and easy of adult drinks. Thanks to its neutral color, mild flavor and tendency to be strong yet easy to down, vodka is an old-time favorite that spans generations. Below we've put together a concoction that includes the cleanest, boldest and most interesting-tasting vodkas on the market. So skip the simple syrup and get your ID out – it’s time to party.

Our two cents when it comes to vodka

Made by hand

1. Made by hand

Tito’s handmade vodka wins our best value award. It’s known by amateurs and connoisseurs alike to have an extremely pure taste and it it’s fairly priced. $19.99 on

Double Crossed

2. Double Crossed

This seven-times-distilled premium Slovakian vodka is world-renowned. It’s made from spring water and winter wheat to yield one of the purest tasting cups around. $41 on

Quadruple threat

3. Quadruple threat

Packaged in an oil barrel, Neft is a small-batch, additive-free Russian vodka crafted with four types of grains for an balanced and smooth result. $32 on

Cream of the Crop

4. Cream of the Crop

While we shall not name the disastrous flavored vodkas of the early aughts, the clean cucumber essence lends the perfect subtle touch to this bottle. $24.99 on

Thin is in

5. Thin is in

Made for cocktail mixing, Skinny Girl (of Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel fame) is the low-calorie answer to a girls’ night out. $21 on

Impure thoughts

6. Impure thoughts

Vodka infused with cognac, you say? This 100-proof drink is anything but shy. With an exceptionally rich aroma, think uniquely processed blend is not something to be missed. $42 on

Get the Goose

7. Get the Goose

In the world of premium vodkas, nobody messes with Grey Goose. That’s because this French vodka lacks the harshness of most vodkas and goes down as smoothly as vodka possibly can. $36.99 on

No gluten here

8. No gluten here

Whether you can’t consume gluten because of a digestive sensitivity or because it’s Passover, you’ll take pleasure in this fine potato vodka. And – surprise! – it’s organic. $28 on

So fresh and so clean

9. So fresh and so clean

Vodka lends itself particularly well to mixing with other beverages like rose wine since the vodka itself has such a neutral flavor. Enjoy the fresh sweetness of this unusual blend. $39.99 on

Head of the pack

10. Head of the pack

If it's good enough for Dan Ackroyd, you better believe it's good enough for us. Founded by the 'Blues Brothers' actor in 2007, along with artist John Alexander, this clear Canadian beauty – with just a hint of vanilla – will wow with its taste as well as its skull bottle. $48 on

Baby Beluga

11. Baby Beluga

Russians know their vodka, and Beluga is no exception. Made in a pristine environment in Siberia, the taste of this one can hardly be touched. $109.99 on

Mr. Belvedere

12. Mr. Belvedere

Quadruple-distilled to create a bold flavor that still tastes pure and restrained, Belvedere is a sure bet on its own or mixed into your favorite drank. $45 on

An elite few

13. An elite few

Skip over the usual bottle of Stoli in flavor of this Elit bottle – a new premium offering from the well-known label that can compete with the best out there. $54.99 on


14. USA! USA!

Another organic option is American Harvest – small-batch vodka made in the Rocky Mountains from wheat and agave. Its silky-tasting and better for the environment – a win-win in our book. $32 on


15. Lit-tle

Distilled in only six hours in miniscule batches to ensure optimal flavor, Reyka is a strong and clean craft choice. $29.99 on

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