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Photograph: Shutterstock/Joshua Resnick

This map highlights the most popular cocktails in each state

Anna Ben Yehuda

What do folks all across the country like to drink?

Versus Reviews, a product comparison website, analyzed Google search data to determine the most popular cocktail in each state. The Long Island Iced Tea, the concoction made with practically any liquor ever created, and the Whiskey Sour, also sometimes called the Boston Sour, top the list as the most in-demand drinks across the country as a whole.

Full disclosure: Given the nature of the study, based on research numbers, what the map actually highlights are the most popularly researched cocktails in each area—not necessarily the most well-liked or widely consumed. 

Check out the map right here and, below it, a state-by-state breakdown of the study's results:

Photograph: Versus Reviews

Alaska: Tequila Sunrise
Alabama: Mint Julep
Arkansas: Mojito
Arizona: Tequila Sunrise
California: Mimosa
Colorado: Paloma
Connecticut: Long Island Iced Tea
Washington D.C.: Mojito
Delaware: Tom Collins
Florida: Mojito
Georgia: Mimosa
Hawaii: Mai Tai
Iowa: Long Island Iced Tea
Idaho: Whiskey Sour
Illinois: Paloma
Indiana: Tequila Sunrise
Kansas: Margarita
Kentucky: Mint Julep
Louisiana: Daiquiri
Massachusetts: Gin & Tonic
Maryland: Mimosa
Maine: Tom Collins
Michigan: Moscow Mule
Minnesota: Bloody Mary
Missouri: Long Island Iced Tea
Mississippi: Tom Collins
Montana: Moscow Mule
North Carolina: Mimosa
North Dakota: Sex on the Beach
Nebraska: Moscow Mule
New Hampshire: Margarita
New Jersey: Piña Colada
New Mexico: Moscow Mule
Nevada: Martini
New York: Moscow Mule
Ohio: Long Island Iced Tea
Oklahoma: Long Island Iced Tea
Oregon: Whiskey Sour
Pennsylvania: Long Island Iced Tea
Rhode Island: Cosmopolitan
South Carolina: Piña Colada
South Dakota: Sex on the Beach
Tennessee: Tequila Sunrise
Texas: Paloma
Utah: Whiskey Sour
Virginia: Whiskey Sour
Vermont: Manhattan
Washington: Gin & Tonic
Wisconsin: Old Fashioned
West Virginia: Whiskey Sour
Wyoming: Whiskey Sour 

Cheers, America!

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