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Classic Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Red Cap Cards

Funny Father's Day cards that every dad will appreciate

Gift dad a laugh on his big day when presenting him with these funny Father’s Day cards. They are all a hoot.

Written by
Lauren Rothman

While not all dads fit the stereotype of a gruff father, we can generally agree that pops is a little less effusive than mom. So while you’ll want to shower him with love on Father’s Day, you’ll want to do so in a way that will tug his heartstrings and get a laugh out of him. We recommend treating papa to some rib-sticking BBQ, a juicy burger or an ice-cold craft beer, and then wrapping up the occasion with one of these hilarious cards. These funny Father’s Day cards are sure to be remembered and appreciated.

Funny Father’s Day cards

iDad Father’s Day Card with Foil
Photograph: Courtesy Target

1. iDad Father’s Day Card with Foil

Whoa, technology these days. This out-there “iDad” card recreates dad’s favorite gadget with four buttons—Dad’s GPS, Dadisms, How-to-Fix-Anything-with-Duct-Tape and Dad’s Stress Reliever—that actually play funny phrases when pressed. Best of all, there’s no charger to misplace.

Running Away From Home
Photograph: Courtesy Hallmark

2. Running Away From Home

While sending an actual physical card is best, sometimes you almost-forget Father’s Day... and then you send an e-card just in time. This cheeky card thanks dad for always sticking around, even when the going got tough.

You’ve Earned That Right
Photograph: Courtesy Hallmark

3. You’ve Earned That Right

Another great e-card option for you procrastinators is this silly number giving dad license to take a load off.

Relaxation Zone Father’s Day Card
Photograph: Courtesy American Greetings

4. Relaxation Zone Father’s Day Card

Made of stiff cardboard that can easily be propped up, this fun card in the shape of a construction sign will allow papa to claim some Z’s on the couch—much like a do-not-disturb sign.

Dad Camera Phone
Photograph: Courtesy Amazon

5. Dad Camera Phone

Oh, dads and their lovable resistance to technology. This is the perfect card for the Luddite in your life.

Funny Father's Day Greeting Card
Photograph: Courtesy Amazon

6. Funny Father's Day Greeting Card

Let dad know that the force is strong with him with this timeless image of Darth.

Corny Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Gold Teeth

7. Corny Dad

Show dad you appreciate all the dad jokes with this option from L.A.-based printmaker Jesse Levison. 

Dad’s Tastes Card
Photograph: Courtesy Small Adventures

8. Dad’s Tastes Card

Let’s face it: we’d all be culture-less drones without dad screenings of Caddyshack and Star Wars, and forced Beatles listening sessions.

Father’s Day Beaver
Photograph: Courtesy Dear Hancock

9. Father’s Day Beaver

We think any dad would agree that wearing a comfy shirt and chugging a beer (and, um, being a beaver?) would constitute a damn good Father’s Day.

Photograph: Courtesy Greenwich Letterpress

10. Zombie

The perfect sentiment for a dad with a dark sense of humor.

Classic Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Red Cap Cards

11. Classic Dad

The dad who never goes out of style is sure to appreciate this cute card.

Photograph: Courtesy Egg Press

12. Dadvice

We’ve all been the lucky recipients of kernels of wisdom from pops. Thank him with this greeting card handmade at Portland, Oregon’s Egg Press.

Cosmic Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Carolyn Suzuki Goods

13. Cosmic Dad

We love the quirky cards made by artist Carolyn Suzuki, and we bet dad will too—especially this specimen that shows just how over the moon for him you are.

Well Done Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Hello! Lucky

14. Well Done Dad

Whether your dad is an actual BBQ ninja or whether—in all honesty—he tends to cook the bejesus out of any burger his spatula touches, he’ll get a kick out of this rib- and weiner-laden card.

Taco Dad
Photograph: Courtesy Hello! Lucky

15. Taco Dad

It’s not always easy to say the words. So let this adorable-slash-delicious taco do it for you.

Checklist Father’s Day Card
Photograph: Courtesy Emily McDowell

16. Checklist Father’s Day Card

This card is too, too real. We’re legit guilty of at least five of these annoying childhood “quirks.”

Funny Father’s Day Card
Photograph: Courtesy Etsy

17. Funny Father’s Day Card

What’s better than a card that combines wishing dad a happy Father’s Day with the sweet, sweet joy of simultaneously insulting a sibling (or two)?

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