Aj Gaither(Kansas City) Adam Lee (Kansas City) & One Trip Little (Tampa) Free Bb Qustic Show.

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Aj Gaither(Kansas City)  Adam Lee (Kansas City) & One Trip Little (Tampa) Free Bb Qustic Show.
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Aj Gaither(Kansas City) Adam Lee (Kansas City) & One Trip Little (Tampa) Free Bb Qustic Show. says
Adam Lee is a storyteller. In his resonant baritone, he sings about tragedy and triumph -- stories of individuals on the fringes of society, along with those bogged down with the minutia of the day-to-day. He’s helped tell stories with his songs, in feature films (Kevin Smith's Red State and TUSK) as well as with his voice, as a lead cast member of the Tony Award winning musical Million Dollar Quartet. Occasionally turning the mirror on himself, Lee pens highly confessional songs of his life and perception of the world around him. His greatest passion is songwriting. Brutally honest songwriting. With his new album Lee has dug deep and crafted songs both personal and universal. He reminds us that life is full of temptation, hardship and, occasionally, redemption. That despite life's pitfalls, eventually, "good days are gonna come."


Everything is better when it’s home-made. And it don’t get more down home or DIY than AJ Gaither. From the building of the instruments to the writing of the songs and making of the albums, everything about this “one man junk band” is lo-tech and hands on. The sound is cold lonely bars and old empty barns, highways and heartaches. From raging high octane foot stompin’ brag songs to slow and soulful songs about struggle and being homesick, every bit of it is drenched in whiskey and hard living. The instruments are old cigar boxes and scrap lumber, spare bolts and wood screws. Each is one unique in tone and appearance. A large feed bucket and a wooden mallet provide the kick drum, accompanied by a junk snare drum rigged to be played by foot. All built by the same hands that play them.


Supporting these two guys with a little local love is One Trip Little. One Trip Little is two parts outlaw and one part gospel. One Trip Little will stand up in a barroom and sing about church, or stand in a church and sing about barrooms. One Trip Little loves all, trusts few, forgives all, but forgets nothing.

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