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Auditions  Last Lists Of My Mad Mother
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Auditions Last Lists Of My Mad Mother says
POWERSTORIIES THEATRE announces upcoming auditions for Last Lists of my Mad Mother.
Sunday, March 6th 5-8pm & Monday, March 7th 5-9pm

MA- 60’s-70’s Retired schoolteacher, mother, suffering
from Alzheimer's
DOT- 40-50’s Writer, funny, daughter/caretaker of MA SIS- 30-40’s Dot’s sister, lives out of state, Soccer mom

Send or bring headshot & prepare a short dramatic monologue for audition.

or more information.

Rehearsals begin the week of March 14th.
Performances April 7-24, 2016.

The Play:
Last Lists of My Mad Mother is a hilarious, often touching look at the toll Alzheimer's disease takes on a parent-child relationship. It magnificently reveals the humor within the tragedy, without taking away from the seriousness of the issue." (The Record-Journal) Ma cares about ribbons and bows, intransitive verbs and keeping to her rigid schedule. Dot uses a wicked sense of humor to sort out the tangle of her mother's mind. Together they
struggle with Ma's inevitable decline, while Sis phones in her advice from afar. In and out of the sinewy webs of Ma's fleeting awareness, retracing paths they have traveled countless times, Ma and Dot drive toward understanding and arrive with some sense of surprise at the destination of comfort.
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